The Nature Conservancy

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101 E. Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906

The Nature Conservancy protects Earth's most important natural places for you and future generations. An important natural system, The Great Lakes, is a resource for economic prosperity, food, and water. The Great Lakes Project strives to restore and maintain a system that can continue to support the needs of people while sustaining a wide diversity of plant and animal life. This is done through great science and smart partnerships.

Since 1960, The Nature Conservancy has been involved with more than 400 land transactions in Michigan protecting more than 360,000 acres through direct acquisitions and conservation easements. Each is done strategically, using the best science available to map out our plans. Many of these natural treasures are owned or managed by the Conservancy, but some are transferred to other conservation partners who agree to protect their natural features. With 18 Conservancy Preserves open to the public, you can explore from the very tip of the Upper Peninsula at our Keweenaw Preserve, all the way to Ives Road Fen Preserve in southeast Michigan.