Red Cedar Friends

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1400 Turner St., Lansing, MI 48906
Early Worship: 9am, First Day School: 10:15am, Late Worship: 10:30am, Weekdays: 7:30am-8am

The underlying principle of Friends belief and practice is that there is within every person that of God or Spirit leading us to respect the worth and dignity of all.

For 350 years Friends (Quakers) have waited in expectant silence, trusting that if we still our thoughts and intentions enough to hear it, the measure of Truth that is given to each of us will become clear.

We listen in community because individual truths are partial and need to be tested against one another’s in an authentic search for understanding and truth. We accept our understandings of truth as incomplete and have faith that new perceptions of truth will continue to be revealed both to us and to others.

We commit ourselves to learning the practices needed for listening deeply, for speaking our truths, for respectful differing . . . and for faithful risk-taking so that Spirit can lead us to deeper and deeper truths and practice. Join us!