Chocolate Walk

February 17, 2024

For a sweet decade, we’ve been crafting memories one chocolate at a time, and this year, we’re turning the Old Town Chocolate Walk up a notch! Travel the neighborhood and collect Chocolates at each location!

Limited to 250 Tickets – Secure Your Spot Now!
You get:
– A custom box to fill with delectable chocolates
– A punch card to track your chocolate conquest
– A map guiding you to participating locations

**Payment:** Secure your chocolatey adventure upfront; refunds, unfortunately, will not be given for this event.

Grab your tickets here:
**Pickup Point:** On the big day, collect your box, card and map at the OTCA office, 1232 Turner St.

But wait, there’s more than chocolate in the mix! This isn’t just a walk; it’s a fundraiser for the Old Town Commercial Association (OTCA). Your chocolatey delights contribute to the continued revitalization of Lansing’s historic Old Town.

Don’t let this celebration melt away—join us for the sweetest stroll of the year!

Chocolate Walk